We provide the turning service for our customers. We have two DSC01979-Resizer-800turning device on which we turn materials in almost any shape, with a required accuracy. Items requiring high accuracy or small-size are performed with cooperating companies. We can offer you almost every detail – made only from high quality Polish steel, under the guidance of people with experience and considerable knowledge. If you decide to order in POSMA any elements which have to be finished or let’s call it „be ready”, the the lowest prices for forgings you will get and highly competitive offer for machining elements you will receive. The offer that you will receive from us is encouraging offer by price and execution time. Of course, what is necessary to do first is to make an inquiry.

20130726_082939  In our portfolio there are many elements that were made by our factory by turning. We made stepped shafts, axles, flanges and other parts.