Rough Machining

DSC01933-Resizer-800Rough machining is one of main area of our business.Pricing for forging in our opinion are unbeatable. We provide the rough machining services, which make forgings to the desired dimensions, with an accuracy of 1 mm. We have virtually no technological barriers and we offer the rough machining services for items heavy up to 5 tons and with diameter Ø1400mm. Rough machining is a very good solution for the customer because it already gets roughly trimmed element and thus requires less labor. Our experienced employees, are able to perform rough machining quickly and throloughly. Using the best lathe tools and specially selected blades, we can use rough machining almost with any material, even with very high hardness. We use this service with rods and rings for our customers, who have been long aware that such an unbeatable offer on pre- processed elements is as part of the company POSMA and won’t be able anywhere else.DSC01999-Resizer-800