Open-Die Forgings

We perform forgings for various industries. We forge the cubes, rods and extraordinary ones if there is a technical possibility of their implementation. Our key customers are from energy, oil & gas and engineering industry. Rings for gears in many materials and components for industrial customers are also part of our product range. Rods, cubes, round, square and flat bars, as well as special parts complete the offer.

DSC01931-Resizer-800Forgings are made of many kinds of steel – unalloyed structural steels, structural steels alloyed and even special type of stainless steel. Most popular material types used by our customers: 40HM (or 42CrMo4), 40H (or 41Cr4), 17HNM (or 18CrNiMo7-6), 18HGT 45 (C45), 55 (C55), C60, S355 (in different versions), P355 , P265, P55, 16HG, 34HNM, S235JRG2. Steel used in the production come exclusively from Polish manufacturers. 

We are able to produce forgings up to 24 tons/item.We perform a lot of open-die forgings of different shapes. We produce rings and rods, frequently ordered by our customers in large amount. We cooperate with many forges and institutions and this allows us to to offer really competitive prices without deterioration of service and quality. One of our main goals is to ensure the highest possible quality. 

DSC01928-Resizer-800Forge are made according to European and Polish standards, depending on the customer requirements. For each detail we issue the certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204:2006. On request special tests can be made by external companies(LP, CARGO, IC, UDT and others). We are able to issue certificate 3.2 according to EN 10204:2006.

We measure and do strength tests for forgings category „R”. Tests are carried out in a reputable independent laboratory and confirm the quality of our steel.

We also have the ability to perform ultrasound analysis to the forgings and components. We perform research with ultrasonic flaw detector Olympus EPOCH 1000. Tests are carried out according to EN 10228-3 or SEP 1921. 

Photo-0080_1For customers from the hydraulic or pneumatic industry we perform forgings for pressure devices according to Directive of the European community PED 97/23/EC. 

We invite you to look at the gallery, where you can see more photos of forgings which we performed.