Our plant is equipped with many machines and tools. We are confident that high quality requires suitable equipment and tools, that’s why we constantly extend our machine background. Thanks to the excellent and experienced staff with experience we can confidently serve even the biggest challenge .

BAND-SAW BOMAR Transverse 610.440 DGH

Parametry piły

Band-saw for cutting steel. Manufactured by one of the most respected producers in the market of saws for cutting steel. Czech design providing a very stable and reliable operation. This saw has been used with us for about 8 years without malfunction. The great merit of such action is an experienced operator working with the machine from the beginning. We cut any genre of steel using this saw.



Tokarka PORĘBALathe PORĘBA is conventional Polish production. We roll on items up to Ø 800mm, x L = 2400mm. The main advantage of this lathe is simple operation and relatively high accuracy. The lathe has undergone a major overhaul before purchase, it has been with us for 6 years. Using this machine we are able to manufacture rough rings, rods and shafts. Lathe is operated by an experienced operator.



Tokarka DEFUM

Lath, rolling elements up Ø1000mm. The lathe is acquired relatively recently, around 2010. Lathe underwent repair of the engine and is flawlessly while working on rings and cubes. The device allows roughly machining and drilling holes in the elements, for later rework. Powerful engine provides adequate performance. Domestic design, manufactured in the 90’s by Dabrowska Machine Tool Factory. Supported by an experienced employee with many years of experience.





Wózek widłowy

Forklift with a capacity of up to 5 tons, produced in 1997 by the German company. Used on daily base and maintained Liquid gas powered, registered and checked by Technical Supervision Office