Close-Die Forgings

Production of the die forgings meets the enquiry from vary industrial fields. The main customer of our forgings is railway industry, but we also serve heavy industry, we supply forgings for components for engineering and manufacturing industry, and for road transport. 


We have forged already many elements and have done about 50 types of various projects. We have access to many types and kinds of dies, and thus we are able to perform a variety kinds of forgings.

We perform close-die forgings from steel St5, 45, S355, and others – according to customer requirements. We meet the PN-EN 10254 standards. Thanks to the many deployed dies, we n offer really competitive prices and relatively short execution time.

We have the ability to perform close-die forgings up to weight of 60kg/item. Please note, that due to technological conditions the minimum quantity of close-die forgings is 200 items unless we have the required die, than the quantity could be far less

Forgings can be blasted or processed according to recommendations given by customer. Of course, each ready item is tested according to BS EN 10204:2006 – with certificate 3.1 or 3.2 – if the customer requires the external approval (PKP CARGO, IC, LP, UDT …). Materials to close-die forgings come only from the domestic distribution. Cutting and preparation runs in our company assuring the quality control of production process. We keep the stock of popular and often manufactured items. Currently, we also have supply of most sold forgings.